Being led on's a bitch

Dear Diary,
Why do I love her so god damn much?
When every single week she adds another tally,
To the number of guys she's fucked.
She's messing with my feelings,
Driving me insane.
Putting these ideas of hope,
Of being together in my brain.
I fucked it up once,
But believe or not I've changed.
Just tell me that you hate me,
Which to you might seem quite strange.
But telling me that you love me,
Just fucks me up even more.
So just tell me to forget you,
Then close and lock the door.
And no matter how hard I try,
To come back into your life.
Just keep trying to ignore me,
And finally end this strife.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is poorly written.
But It get's the point across of how I was feeling at the time.

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Sandra's picture

Ha! Being led on is a bitch. Not a laughing matter of course. Lovely poem, I love your wording. Hope you feel better.

Monica Frances's picture

hmm....i like it because there are your feelings in those lines...