When Sex is a Game

Hello Sexy,
Shield your eyes.
Spread your legs,
Here's your surprise.
I stick my left hand in,
I pull my left hand out.
I stick my right hand in,
And you're squirming all about.
You're moaning and you're screaming,
Complaining of the pain.
But the pain soon turns to pleasure,
A massive vocal strain.
We strip ourselves butt naked,
Just like we were born.
We are making out like crazy,
To our very favorite porn.
Your teeth soon find my neck,
And penetrate my skin.
A thirst for human blood,
An ultimate of sins.
With sex now on its way,
I loudly scream his name.
We waited and we waited,
But the Trogan Man never came.
Well we can't stop now,
I guess it's meant to be.
It's time that I inject you,
With my semen baring seed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't think I'm some kind of perv or something.. I just think sex is fun to write about.

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Sandra's picture

Gee. That's sexy.

April Cole's picture

awesome poem i totally apreciate a good sex poem!