Mary And Her Hormones

Mary had a little lamb
With a fleece as white as snow
Mary would follow around her sheep
And take it everywhere she’d go
Mary was a horny girl
And boys couldn’t meet her needs
Every time her hormones raged
She’d simply spread her knees
In the matter of a second
Her sheep would soon be there
Whip out its massive shlong
Which she had rid of all its hair
He’d do her from the front
Then he’d do her from the back
Mary was well aware
She’d be punished for her acts
Mary fell in love
With her fluffy little friend
Even though their love was wrong
They were sure it’d never end
But Mary was a slut
And she gave him a disease
Mary that dumb cunt
She gave him HIV
HIV soon turned to AIDS
And soon after her sheep died
But Mary is a bitch
And she didn’t even cry
Instead she went down
To the farm and found his friend
She gave the bastard AIDS
And they fucked until her end
But unfortunately for her
That wasn’t very long
She’d soon rejoin her love
Diseased and underground

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Poem for my Childrens Book.  

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This made me laugh it was funny and creative