The Dangers of Stairs

This is the story
Of the danger of stairs
And that they can be deadly
And nobody cares
Yes they can kill
And take peoples lives
They’re as deadly as cancer
And as dangerous as knives
If you don’t believe me
I’ll tell you a story that’s true
It happened to my friend
And could happen to you
He walked towards the stairs
And opened the door
But what he didn’t see
Was the skate on the floor
He tripped on the skate
And to his surprise
He fell towards the stairs
And just covered his eyes
Because he was helpless
And there was nothing he could do
He hit the first step
And off came his shoe
The next couple stairs
Were the worst of them all
Because their sharp edges
Didn’t help out his fall
The edges were sharp
And pierced through his skin
He broke all his bones
And blood dripped from his chin
So he tumbles in pain
For what seems like forever
Yes falling down the stairs
He will always remember
There was so much pain
He just wanted to die
The tears began forming
Regardless of how hard he tried
To hold back the tears
And choke back the screams
The stairs to the basement
Will now haunt his dreams
And from the rug on the stairs
He developed a rash
He tumbled down the last few
And into the ground he would crash
And at the bottom of the stairs
All his friends sat in awe
Of the pain and the torture
Of their friend they just saw
They called an ambulance
To come pick up their friend
To put his pain and his torture
To a very quick end
Yes my friend is quite fortunate
That he did survive
Because these death traps called stairs
Could have taken his life
So I warn you now
To be cautious of stairs
Because they could shorten your life
By quite a few years

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Jeanette Guellil's picture

I <3 it. Although its a bit dreary, the rhyming livens it up and makes it seem alot happier like a Dr.Seus tale. If I would have written it, I probably wouldn't have rhymed it, but if I would have I'm sure my rhyming would be no match to yours. Awesome poem.

Much love,