Pretty In Flames

Pretty Girl, Pretty Girl,
It's all in your head.
You better shut up,
Before you're raped or dead.
You mock them for their looks,
But what you fail to see.
Is that when you're leaving Gym class,
On your way to Geometry.
They'll be peaking around the corner,
To see just where you are.
A couple more steps now,
Yes, now you aren't that far.
You come around the corner,
And now they are pissed.
They cut off an appendage,
For every guy you've kissed.
They throw you to the ground,
They spit onto your face.
Because to them you are a no one,
Just a fucking disgrace.
They pull out their matches,
Cover you in gasoline.
Light fire to your body,
Aren't you glad that you were mean?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is not for every beautiful girl out there cuz I know that a lot of them are wonderful people.  But this is for all those girls who are so into themselves that they wont give someone a chance just because they aren't exactly some kind of Abercrombie model.

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April Cole's picture

killer poem, well put!

Brittany Vadalabene's picture

you are really good ray. you know how to use words.

Aruna G.'s picture

I don't believe all pretty girls are mean and deserve such ... torturings. I know some very beautiful girls who have more than lovely personalities.

However, from a poetic standpoint - your rhyming was pretty good, and some girls who are what you described, I have to say, need to shape up their characters.

Monica Frances's picture

this kind of poem should be dedicated to girls like...u know... brtitney spears....i hate those girls..