Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Bloody Mary,
You scare me to fucking death.
I stand spinning in circles,
Whispering your name under my breath.
Spinning in the darkness,
Staring in the mirror.
I say your name the 3rd time,
And wait for you to appear.
Just as I turn away,
disapointed that you weren't there.
In the corner of my eye,
I see your face inside the mirror.
The Vision of your face,
Caused bleeding from my eyes.
I'm shivering in fear,
As my heart rate begins to rise.
I fall onto the floor,
Fighting for every breath,
Bloody Mary Bloody Mary,
You are my cause of death.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Idk.. I wrote this cuz Bloody Marry has made me scared of my basement til this very day..

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Sandra's picture

Amazing piece you've got here. I remember being so scared of this myth.

mM's picture

That poem is fucking awesome.

Monica Frances's picture

my kind.....i like it :)

Brittany Vadalabene's picture

omg ray. you are a good poet. and you are awesome. this one is really good.

Mike Ball's picture

thats some tite shit, lol i remember how scared i used to be when i went into the bathroom when it was dark when i was a kid. Do you go to anchor Bay? I know some girls from there, bri and chelsea is there names