Fuck This

Fuck all the denial

And fuck all the unsure

Fuck your fucking lover

Fuck this entire world

Fuck all of your morals

And fuck your fucking heart

I'm not to fucking sure

You've had one from the start

Fuck all of my feelings

And the emotions I posess

Fuck your new beginnings

And fuck your happiness

Fuck your lucious body

Fuck your gorgeous eyes

Those eyes of pure entrapment

Fuck you and your lies

Fuck this fucking poem

And fuck these fucking words

Once again you have fucked

Practically the entire world

FUck what you have done

To drive me to this mess

Fuck you forbidden lover

Fuck all of the stress

Fuck all of these problems

Fuck my unhappiness

Fuck all of you fuckers

Who label me depressed

Fuck the medication

That I don't fucking need

Fuck your fucking style

Fuck you now I scream

Go fuck another loser

Go fuck another friend

Go fuck another lover

Just let this heartache end.

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Eddie Gain's picture

hefty amount of bullshit feelings associated to this poem

it's bullshit, ridiculous petty bullshit