Mirage Motel

Close together
We share the same bed
A cheesy motel
One Pillow, Two heads.
Intoxicated as hell
But where to begin?
Sleep on both sides?
Or partake in this sin?
How about meet in the middle
And see where it goes
Turned on by your body
From your head to your toes
Squeezed close together
To gather some heat
Any word of these actions
And your boyfriend shall freak
Ever so slowly
We scoot in real close
Till our noses soon meet
Our decision is chose
Lip touches lip
Hands intertwine
This romantic experience
One hell of a time
Faster and faster
Our breathing now deep
Votes are 2 to none
We vote against sleep
Scratching and biting
With sex on its way
Sucking and grabbing
From night until day
Virgin be gone
Penetration complete
My dream has come true
Yet full of deceit
A mirage has been set
Reality not what it seems
Our sexual adventure
Was merely a dream
So back turned to back
My mind full of regret
wake up hung over
A dream I'll never forget

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