Cut yourself a keeper

Shed a tear for us emo kid,
Or possibly some blood.
Saw away at your pretty arms,
Like only your kind could.
When your optimism fails,
And your life is purely shit.
Reach over for your razor blade,
And never ever quit.
Because the result is the same,
No matter how hard you try.
Hoping and just hoping,
That some day you might just die.
But what exactly is,
Your hurry to your grave?
Your lover finally dump you,
Are you daddys little slave?
Life is what you make it,
So fix it a better way.
No need to fall back to,
The self-inflicting slay.

                    To:  The ungreatful
                        From: Ray Nadeau

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Sandra's picture

That's really good and amazing. Very inspirational stuff you have here. More people should listen to what you've got to say.