My Sunrise

It was a dark and dreary morning

As I walked along the street

Nothing but sullen silence

Besides the clomping of my feet

My neck had given up on

Trying to lift my heavy head

I no longer looked to the future

And chose to watch my feet instead

There was a force similar to gravity

That laid my path without my eyes

The shadows had slipped behind me

Pushed away by the sunrise

The storm cloud that once had stalked me

With it's rain weighing down my head

Had been transformed by the rising sun

And began uplifting me instead

A seemingly endless journey

Down a sidewalk that never ends

That perspective begins shifting

With every inch my head ascends

It is hard to find the sunlight

When the world is a lonely place

But my darkness was left stranded

By the illumination of your face

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you're in that dark and lonely place in life and you find a person to finally pull you out of it.

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