The Night Owl

While in the darkness

I'm in my prime

I rest up for energy

While the sun still shines

When the night does come

My work begins

As my loved ones sleep

I protect my kin

There's a calming peace

With no passing cars

And an uncanny beauty

To the night sky's stars

I don my robe

Made of the finest cotton

Days of early mornings

All but forgotten

The Early Bird

May get the worm

But I'm the epitome of patience

I don't mind waiting my turn

For when the bird goes to sleep

With the utmost persistence

I grab the worm for myself

While they dream off in the distance

But when the sunrise comes

I make my departure

The sunlight is blinding

I excel when it's darker

So if you need my help

Look to the moon and howl

Na na na na na na na na

Night Owl

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Carpe Noctem


The splendour of the night. There is nothing quite like it. Carpe noctem.