Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital

Why don't you like me?
I stand on the cusp of the sun
and fight against the elements that you find at fault.

I've stood alone in rooms that had no way out
and placed my blood upon the walls.

I've jerked off minutes before being busted
by men in white coats with foreign accents and bad manners.

I would pull cigarettes up to my room with dental floss,
rub deodorant on the walls, stand on toilets and blow smoke into the vents.

I would hear stories about pussy from other patients as we smoked.

I would dream as I still do.

I would get lost in drawing eyes

on plain white paper and having lunch
outside of my room.


Ray Strickland

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This is amazing...as i was

This is amazing...as i was reading it...i could almost place myself inside the walls...listening to someone tell me their story.....very nice

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hey there

You are not only hot but a major talent as well.

two one 4-four 3 1-7300

Always enjoy meeting new people.