It was another hot and muggy night in East Texas.
One of those nights where the pines would sweat
and the cops wouldn't even bother.

We each took 2 and half hits of purple micro-dot acid.

We wanted to make sure we got our fill
as it was a rarity to find such quality shit in our neck of the woods.

Somehow we found our way to an abandoned apartment building.
You know how it goes.
We were young,on fire and hot under the collar.
We tore the boards off one of the windows and there we found paradise.
It was dank,moldy and had this wonderful golden hue
that was cast in from the street lights nestled in the overgrown courtyard.

We layed down on the pungent carpets matted with dirt, rat shit,
mold and years upon years of domestic disputes.

Eyes closed, we held hands side by side as dreams flooded our being,
sweat beads ran electric over fevered shells, all the fucking angst we'd collected
throughout our young lives came to a boil only

to steam up and disappear with a fervency neither one of us had expected.

In my minds eye I was transfixed on the most beautiful color I had ever seen.
It was in the form of the sun.
It was red and yellow at the exact same time.
There was no difference between the two...much like us.

I squeezed your hand unable to muster the words.

I could feel the sweat of our palms blending, pulsing , swimming through our pores
inward,outward and just then, at that very moment
you broke the silence by whispering, "Rello."


Ray Strickland jr.

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