Pasties & Crayons

In my mind,
I exercise a lot.
I love t.v. and I hate it when someone
tells me to turn off the t.v., read a book
go for a walk or eat some salad with berries.
Fuck that!

I want peppers in my Mexican food
and I want to invent a color never before seen
and from that color that I invent
I want Crayola make a crayon.

We'll call it me.
It will create a new category for color.

Primary...not so much.

There will be housewives shoulder jabbing each other
along the way but if you're gonna make an omelet,
you gotta break a few eggs.

Am I wrong? Then we spot jock.

Once found,we will stand next to those pristine white walls
and draw pictures of people doing crunches with
juice boxes lodged in their asses
then retire, to our recliners joining them in our minds.

Pay the lady her tip and sit the fuck down.


R.M.S. 11/29/2010

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