Certain truths.

There are certain truths that are unmovable.
Most people try to cloak these truths.
labeling them unnatural and wrong.

We know them.

We speak them to each other with no words.

Profiling is a natural thing.

We will always do it and wave to one another,
mowing our lawns, polishing mailboxes.

We are modern day animals in our prime.

We wear suits and ties, pants and shoes.

We fuck in parking lots

with expired condoms that leak.

We raise our children to do the same.

The greatest victory we've ever known
was learning to fool one another.

That day naked in the sun, club in hand,
we saw opportunity and circled as vultures do.

We collectively painted the cave walls with
plans for domination in blood, matted fur and tax write offs.

Wars soon followed and bonds were formed
and brand new new slats of plywood paneling were installed.

The packs would look out for their own
leaving no scraps for the weak.

They gather beyond the rocks and shake hands
with enemies, smiling and waving at mail men and police.

We look at each other and know certain truths.

We wipe our abdomens clean of semen
giving way to purity of soul.


Ray Strickland Jr.-2010

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