Neither here nor there

Sorry to break this to you in such an informal fashion but.…we're dead.

Yep. You, me, all of us.

There is no, floating around on a

cloud and no guy in a robe with a long, white beard. 

No harps to be heard.

One day it finally all fell into place.

It just clicked.

Fell into place.

Too much to go into.

Too many events that were life changing to me as I grew up that never happened. Never even existed. All childhood apartments, houses and even schools are gone, “burned down”, or just simple can’t be found anymore.

The geography, old haunts, streets…gone.
Completely changed.

The old friends now estranged and even some of your current ones. All but strangers but they fill the void.

I have enough wherewithal to understand the passage of time and the evolution of geographical structures. I was born in the morning, but not this morning. These changes and voids are born from a different ilk.

You feel them when your standing there, trying to take them all in.

I'm dead.

You are too. It's ok.

Stay with me here.

That car crash that we had that was super close to almost killing us.

That aneurysm you had a one in a

million chance of surviving.

That one time you thought you were overdosing on your favorite drug but miraculously didn't.

Death isn't what we've been lead to believe.

There is no sudden darkness or void like spaces at the moment of death.

yet, a seamless transition.



I don't have to ask if any of you have recently, (past 10 to 20 years), have had a close call or a 'near death experience', because I already know

you have.

You think you did but I'm sorry to tell you this, but you didn't.

You crossed here.

Everything is virtually the same but not quite identical as many of you have already discovered and like to point out.

You were mourned by your loved ones there. Obituary. 

The whole nine yards.

There are countless, strange folks you will encounter here and my gut feeling is that some of them are well aware of what has happened to you and why you're here. Of course, I instinctively feel that I’ll never be able to distill the truth from any of them though.

The universe’s best kept secret.

You are now living in a different

universe, modeled after the one vou were catapulted from. 

Your old home, family and friends are missing you, thousands of light years from where you are now.

You're now continuing on your journey in a different world, a different space and time and you can never go back to the old world or be who you were.

Take just a second and try to make sense of the sheer amount of bizarre happenings and the seemingly never ending chaos that surrounds us everyday.

The changes.

Oh the nonsensical changes that are everywhere in our culture that have absolutely no explanation.

The 'mirror, mirror' on the wall has become, 'magic mirror' on the wall.

And isn't that the truth?

Welcome to eternal life

my friend.

~Raymond Strickland


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