I lost myself, somewhere out there.

I left myself scattered among

the long stretches of interstate

and floating debris.


I lost myself in the eyes of others,

over coffee, 

in fights on the corner of small towns with bad skin,

lack of teeth

and wherewithal.

I lost myself in rain soaked floorboards,

welfare lines,

bottle caps, corks,

graveyards and jails.


I lost myself in the faces of girls

that knew better but didn’t care.

I lost myself in the bright, yellow sun

that framed their fly away hair

and cradled their cheeks kissed of rose.


I lost myself out there somewhere...

in that midnight blue and

the most melancholy moon

you’ve ever seen.


~Raymond Strickland

   Circa 1996-2001



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Starward's picture

I like the way you unfold the

I like the way you unfold the various degrees, venues, and effects of lost-ness.  This makes the poem so much more poignant.


Stephen's picture

Great write.