Take This Kiss Upon The Brow (an Acrostic)

"Take this kiss upon the brow!"

Tickled the stars,

as I savored the sun,

kissed the sky,

enchanted the moon.

Tossed my hair,

hips wiggling as

I flirted with the


Kicked the tides playfully

It's never too late to

sidle up to the shore and

show it some leg.

Under midnight's covers, I

played chopsticks loudly

on the belly of


Twirled and danced the

hula at dawn's first light.

Early morning aloha.

Bottled a shipwreck then

rowed it over the edge

of the earth after which I

woke up, smiling.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An Acrostic Poem
first line of "A Dream Within A Dream"
by Edgar Allan Poe

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