Capsized Ramblings

Dark Wanderings

Once more,

an impervious sun rises,

casually doling out sunburst trails,

that eradicate tarrying shadows

of misty moonlight mirage...

but reality's glare fails

to wipe endless nightmares

from defeated eyes.

Grief  remains... undaunted,

as fortune's dissonance

hurls torrential blows earthward

in a hail of faith's disillusion,

and the reeling mind recoils,

screaming a fervent warning

for sanity's sake.

Obstinate, the heart yet clings

to broken dreams and lost causes,

maintaining reckless beats

of measured false bravado.

A cretinous tempo drones on

to fall as magenta bruises

on a weary soul.

defying comprehension,

life trudges irreverently on,

stoic witness to ironic truths...

that what goes up

will always come down

and what goes 'round

inevitably comes back 'round.

I'm just fighting for survival,

adrift in a capsized galactic float;

Merely one of many tattered hearts

dangling perilously from the sleeves

of melancholy jesters...

in a tragically comical

parade of fools.

May 29, 2005

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Patrick Irby's picture

I enjoyed that one very much i have some of my own rants and ramblings

Matthew Stevens's picture

Awsome poem.It has alot of BIG words.Its good to incorpreate them in your work.Plus a good story to it too.