Isn't a father supposed to love you?

Give you credit when it's due?

Isn't a father not supposed to cause undue pain,

time after time and time again?

Then why do you?

Did you think when your hand flew,

as you hit my brother and me?

And did you think as your temper cooled,

that you had us greatly fooled?

You scared us, that's true.

Think us equals, brother and me? Never!

At this time, unable to bear you, I sever

all the ties between you and I.

You'll never again see me cry.

I've had enough of your bullshit.

Now we're just tenants in the same house,

no more playing cat-and-mouse.

Now if you touch me,

First people I'll get is the police to ye,

So fuck off, 'cause I don't regret this a bit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I have, for the last 12 years, had a lot of issues with my dad. If you haven't noticed.

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