You fucking pig, you don't know me

or even that I like Switchblade Symphony

You don't know me or what I like,

for all you know, I'm a fucking dyke!

Racist pig, I spit on your grave!

You treated me wrongly, like a slave

What in hell gave you the idea that you decide

who I date and where from reality I hide?

Gender-bias assholic pig!

You treat me like I'm a worthless twig,

all because I'm a different gender.

Wait 'til I show you a proper fender-bender.

You're the worthless one, not open to debate.

I hope you realize it and change 'fore it's too late.

I bring a dove, you bring a hatchet

leaving me to try for my dignity again by a snatch-it

session; Fuck that, and fuck you!

I'll find some one else who'll give me my credit due.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my father. He's still, by the way, like this.

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