societal psychosis

Won’t you please feed my right hand

For paralysis has taken the left

I need to know it’s not hopeless 

I need to know there is reason in today’s societal psychosis


My trigger finger is on the right

Your sinner hunger going to lead to a fight

I might be full, but these verbal guns ain’t satisfied 

Just go ahead and try to let me be denied


Someday the group will die

the individual will rise

The collective is a Potemkin village,

so that the individual can become a slave to ideologic pillage 


Break those identity chains that are meant to divide 

Be that man you were originally designed 

Aynd did I rand to a more distant shore

A more perfect shore,

when dawn came to shattered the Quiet 



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so walk to your own drum

so walk to your own drum

ron parrish

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No drum to your own beat

No drum to your own beat