Horny Is The Hunter

Rewrite of Kiss' Lonely Is The Hunter


Baby, I'd die

To carry your eggs

In my love basket

Come on lover

Deal me a full deck

You know

I don't like being

Left all alone

Baby, ooh baby

I ain't just talking to myself

I got a feeling

An aching down below

With a virgin flower in my teeth

I want you to know

Out of you, honey

I wanna drain every last drop


Yeah, I said

Lover it ain't about money

To that sex

I'm drawn like a bee to honey


So why you gotta

Make me sing this song

Horny is the hunter

Hunting you tonight

My one and only

Ooh for you, darlin'


Horny is the hunter


Ask me if I can and I will give you a thill



Grind all over my face

Baby, anything

Just don't keep me undersexed

Trapped in this torture chamber

Make me a legendary figure

Seduce an angel

In the devil's bed

So cold

Just wanna know you're human

That you're feelin'

Even if all you ever give me is a beating

I don't care

Just so sick of livin' emotionally dead


Ooh baby I said

It's a showdown

My Heaven

Your Hell

In the heat of battle

Which heart will rule

And who will emerge love's ulimate fool


2013 Ramona Thompson 


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lol best comment yet  

lol best comment yet


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Two thumbs & a cock up.....

Two thumbs & a cock up.....