Ramona's A Moaner

Thanks for inspiring this one. You know who you are.


Only one way

To find out

Up close and personal


Between satin sheets

One on one

Flesh to flesh

Your man

Inside of my woman

Ooh what fun is gonna happen tonight

When something hard

Meets something wet


Gonna make a lot of noise

Rock the bed

Shake the walls

On and on

Till the dawn and beyond

Tongues will tangle

Hands will slip and grip

As sweat melts us

Into one hot and horny body

Yeah, let those clothes hit the floor

And an earthquake of desire overtake


My tits are nipple hard

Standing at attention

And now I see

As I remove your boxers

With slow eager teeth

A big part  of you is also

On the rise

Growing hotter and hotter

Underneath my silken touch

Trembling as a tongue of charming snake laps

Then slowly wraps around

Drawing you deeper and bolder

Into a sheer ecasty of lust


What's it like to f....a virgin?

Soon baby you're gonna know

It's Heaven on earth

That sweet surrender

That candy taste of her kitty

For the first time

So fresh

In your mouth

Her orgasm

Coming apart in your arms

Ooh yeah

Rumor has it

Ramona is a moaner

And tonight lucky you

You're gonna get naked and find out

All night long


2013 Ramona Thompson



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DesertDreamer's picture

Oh how this calls to me. 15

Oh how this calls to me. 15 year old lesbian with an experimental and slutty past. So many nights this was exactly what I was doing. Except I wasn't the virgin.

~~We can fade away together one dream at a time.~~

ramonathompsont's picture

*smile*   Thank you Peter. I



Thank you Peter. I am a  very sensual woman by nature and so have always told it how it is and how I like it.

PeterChristopherRaymond's picture

You certainly don't hold

You certainly don't hold back. Very evocative. And sensual is an understatement. One gets excited just reading it. :)

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lol I know you would, smoke.

lol I know you would, smoke. I know you would.....

Smoke59's picture

MMMMMMMMMMMM, would love to

MMMMMMMMMMMM, would love to hear your moans of pleasure.......Tongue Out