It's For Never

Rewrite of Kiss' Forever


Forthcoming from my new all female Kiss band music project-Kiss The Girls!


I gotta tell you, baby

I just ain't feelin' it inside

I could lie to myself

But it's true

There's no denying that sick feeling I get

When I look in your eyes

Boy, I'll never be outta my head over you

Together we've been livin' too long

Feelin' our way through a love blind

Ooh now everything is tellin' me

Our time....


It's for never

This time we both know

Can't be not one doubt in our minds

For never

Honey, we gotta be through

Cause today I realized

Boy, I don't wanna be lovin' you forever


I hear no echos of any promises made

I know you're strong

A man who can stand on his own

Distance has not made fondness grow

Even after taking a break

Taking some time

In my life you have no place

No, I don't wanna be with you tonight


I never through I'd have to break a heart like this

Baby, I'm just tryin' to be honest

Lay it all on the line

Ooh but everything lately is telling me that

Our love...

Our time....




I see no future when I look in your eyes

Only wish it had't taken me so long to realize

How little your love

Brings my heart alive

OOh baby too long we've been livin' together

Feelin' our way through a love blind

But lately everything has made me realize

Our love

Our time...


Chorus 2x


2013 Ramona Thompson


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Thanks. lol for once had one

Thanks. lol for once had one come to me pretty easy