Zac Attack

Note-Written for one Mr. Zak Bagans. A challenge from one sexy woman to one very hot man. Got the guts, Zak? I'll be waiting to hear from you.


Ok, Mister Pretty Boy

Here I am

Single, hot and ready lady

Calling you out

To see if you're man enough

To handle more than just ghosts

Flesh and blood

All real woman

Not afraid

To say

I'd like a shot

A chance at

Just one date

One night with you


Come on

Prove to me

You can take on

Something more

All natural

No super natural

Lock down with me

And guranteed

You'll never forget or regret it

I have the time

If you do

Fly or drive on down

Don't care how you get here

Just do

And I'll show you

Just how haunting I can be


I'm not shy

I'll say it

I like your body

So sexy

Really turns me on

Know mine will

Have the same effect on you

But no, I ain't lookin'

For just a one night stand

Just like  your ghost hunting

Baby, I ain't easy


Want a real adventure?

A dream come true?

If you got the guts that I think you do

Then I know you do

I know you will

Make a time

Name a place

No cameras

No recorders

Nobody but me and you

One night only

Beyond that...

MMM Zac, my sweet boy

That all depends

On just how good you prove to be...


2013 Ramona Thompson   

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mmm I think U could be  even

mmm I think U could be  even better then Zak

Smoke59's picture

I'm not Zac, but will I do???

I'm not Zac, but will I do???Wink