To Beast or Not To Beast

From the forthcoming Bon Ouija debut cd.....Slaughter of The Innocents


Fading in

Fading out

My life

All around me

In chaos


What's it all about?

Sanity slipping away

Into the darkness

My reflection reveals

A question

Is it a monster I have become?




Something wicked this way comes

And I fear it may be me

In a constant sorrow

Of to be or not to be

To beast or not to beast

I can feel

My blood lust

Coming alive


I am my own candy for the cannibal

Feasting away

Deep inside

Where my cruelest pain lives

Giving rise to

All the worst of my nightmares

I am I swear

My own worse enemy

My demon climbing up from Hell

To claim my Heaven




Shadows dance

And helpless 

Like a zombie

I am compelled to follow

In a spell


By Hell

My mind becomes

A jail cell

Torture endless

All dreams lifeless and broken



Chorus 2X


2023 Ramona Thompson Felton/Bon Ouija

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Teytonon's picture

Wow. I love this.

Wow. I love this.

The dark subject matter 

The elegant phrasing

It's very good

Thanks for posting it!