Battle Within


I try to fight myself, every single day

I always have to remind my heart  that the brain is above me

So, the brain is supposed to prevail  in whatever way

But, it’s hard to fight back if yourself is the enemy.


I try to tell myself, every chance I get

I always tell myself, good should always persist

But, the bad ones  many times insist

That in my life they would like to exist.


I could not figure it out

Why it’s so hard to teach the heart

When I may not be dumb

To learn anything under the sun


Teaching one’s self to defend

Against the negative forces

Is definitely for me a  torture 

To achieve this is not an easy process.


For I strongly believe that the hardest  battle

Is the battle inside each of us.

To teach the heart to follow the mind

And to keep that discipline all the time.


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