You put a smile on my face

I raised my eyebrow high
For I could not believe my eyes
I find it a bit unusual
That in my life you will be someone special.

Friends are not pressured
In order to be treasured
But…friends just come spontaneously,
friends just come our way, unexpectedly.

I am so glad to have found
A friend I actually did not hound
A person so exclusive
and yet in that private world I was welcomed.

I smile whenever you cross my mind
For this world is full of surprises
In the "littlest" of things,
We can still find happiness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for a friend i did not expect.

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lovely:)  i like ur writing

lovely:)  i like ur writing style

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Great friends

Wonderful writing. I love having great friends. The line: I smile whenever you cross my mind. I like laughing over recalled memories of great times.

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I've read some of your poems too. Love them. :)