Life is Gray

Looking at the four corners of the room

searching for serenity

Visions come towards me

in front of me is infinity…

I looked closer

reading my mind,

the picture so abstract

so hard to decipher.

So, I listened to my soul

comprehending the tune

but the music so strange

everything is a murmur.

My heart is shouting

but it beats so strong

shouting a tune

I could not even sing.

Everything so gray

for I want it that way

Coz if things were clearer

then, you were never there.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

its a good poem friend with rich idea and perfectly done in sweet way..impressive and heart catchy..even heart touching too... means you are a good poet... wish you write more and more...hope you will also go through my poems and you will like them...your comments will be respected and added to my new book if you wish...I am basically known as (peace wisher poet) with 6 book published and all are online... let me share with you one of my famous say regarding peace...((( a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with...Afzal Shauq ))) hope you like my work too...its my birthday and my best friends are wishing me poems of friendship... be a good friend too

Kikaykit's picture

thanks so much for the nice

thanks so much for the nice comments. :) wish i could write more and can publish a book someday.