It's called falling in love for a reason.

If I forget to take my medicine then I'll be sick.

And I'll prod and I'll pick.

I'll rip at the scabs on my chest.

Right above my left breast.

Where my heart used to beat.

Until you stuck your callous hands in,

And tore that away from me.

And ate it right before my eyes,

That were too naive to cry;

Like a ravenous beast my blood dripped down your chin.

Leaving me to be a shell of a human being;

Nothing left inside, nothing within.

If I knew you were a monster;

I would have hidden under my covers.

And I dared to think of you as “the perfect lover”.

It wasn’t until you beat my limbs purple and blue;

That I began to become confused about you.

And now we’re through.

From time to time I think about you.

I think about us.

I remember our memories.

And how great things were before you struck me.

How we danced in sin and became a single being.

I look at things now and can’t believe what I’m seeing.

But the tiny pink pills dull the pain.

The tiny pink pills will keep me sane.

I won’t think about you.

Or how often you and your new girlfriend screw.

I won’t think about us.

It’s called  f a l l i n g  in love for a reason.

Once you hit the ground you can’t stop the bleeding.

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Pretty Little Pain Whore's picture

This is an AMAZING piece, I love it. You're clearly a talented writer. HOWEVER! This swine who tore out your heart - he's NOT worthy of your beautiful words, you're worth a MILLION of him, and don't you forget it. People who do things like that just AREN'T worth it. And you should NEVER let anyone toy with your heart - thankfully I've only had my heart broken once, by my first love at the age of 19 after two years together, and no-one since then has even come close to winning my heart.

Good luck and take care,