Love Fecal Matter

Words may not exist to  describe how tormented I feel.

A feeling so painful it's almost surreal.

Deserted, depressed, a bloody fucking mess.

It feels like there is a gaping hole encompassing my chest.

Where my heart use to be.

Jesus Christ, is anyone listening to me?

I'm just like you.

I'm human too.

Feelings and all.

Skippin' class and bleeding in the girls bathroom stall.

Blood on my dress, blood on the floors.

I don't even give a shit anymore.

But if I did, I'd give it to you.

Dear world, I'm fucking through.

And I'll stop complaining if you stop complaining.

Elizabeth is insaning.

My thought patterns make no sense.

If you can translate me for me I'll give you ten cents.

Twenty cents if you've got it in writing.

Elizabeth, stop your two brains from fighting.

What a mess I've come to be.

I let love sit and take a huge shit all over me.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

good and impressive one... yeah its a very clear and good poem with rich thought and sure ... the way you did it is great and heart knocking of course... so I can loudly say that you are a sweet poet with honey poetic feelings and thoughts... hope my poetry has also that much strenth to make way to your heart and brain to capture as this poem of yours has done to mine.... wish you good luck peotry friend... with a hope you will go through my work know if its heart touchig or not?