Shameless Friend

Wake me up

my wide-eyed desperation

longing for some closure

to this catastrophic situation

that had lead my mind to wander

from doubt to dedication

almost lost everything

from that one small situation

So shake me now

and awake me from my slumber

you've found me once again

and tarnished my phone number

I'll end this charade

without thought and without wonder

I won't lose it all again

I won't make another blunder

You failed me back then

a enemy in friends skin

and shed your happy smile

for the venom within

So please don't call me now

I don't want to read those lies

wake me up from this dream

and I'll come to realise

that although some people cheat me

I'll do better than you

and no matter how desperate

I'll run the list all though

and right down at the bottom

near the bitter, dire end

will be your name and number

my long lost, shameless friend.

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