Escape Artist

I feel the chains pull tighter around my chest

lowered into the box where I won't find my rest

this coffin like cage of which I'll escape

or try as I might, before it's too late

I feel suffocated as I take my last breath

before I am lowered, perhaps to my death

in the darkness around me, smothered by steel

I dare you to contemplate how exactly I feel

My arms writhe as I attempt to break free

lingering on the breath that could be the last for me

I fill my lungs tighten as I struggle to escape

this is the price I pay for the choices I make

the tomb now folds in, I feel it shrink

or is it just me as I rest on the brink

of a thoughtless suicide of which I decided

in this cage that I alone have provided

Will they raise me up before it's too late,

or let me die with my fatal mistake?

To think I'm not human, to allow myself to die

in this box in which I lie

the chains of my own making wrapped around my chest

perhaps it is time now, perhaps it is best

to end it this way, already six foot under

could I have escaped? I've no time to wonder.

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