Warning - Sharp Blades.

Dare you to


your hand in the box

the box that's unlocked

through no fault of my own

Metal fell loose

and the key is forgotten

under the dust and the debris

of what is left of me

Dare you to peer

inside of that darkness

as something cuts at your hand

(like it cut at my heart)

and it'll wrench you apart

just longing to see

what's inside the chest

So grab your knife

and tear at the sides

wide open, pried

to unleash the fury

and surrender your doubt

and let everything out

Succumb to your worries

and set aside your woes

for nobody knows

and that anticipation

that cuts from the shades

like a thousand sharp blades

is just a lust for knowing

those things I've been showing

but you've been ignoring

(all of the warnings.)

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