Saving you, saving me.

Against my better judgement, these tables I do turn

looking in from behind the glass, with still so much to learn

to break through and be wounded, or to watch from beyond in pain

to witness things fall against others, and to watch them fight in vain

I grasp, both hands grip tightly to this wooden merry-go-round

and I spin the wheel effortlessly, and fall limply to the ground

out of power and of common sense, within shattered glass I lay

and watch the dance before me like it were some puppet play

I've made my move, I'll stick with it, although it causes me doubt

because no matter what, I've chosen, and in my mind, figured out

that no matter the pain caused toward me, I'd rather spin that wheel

than to let the fates cast shadows over them, and force them all to kneel

So no longer bend, my friends, this ride is yours alone

and perhaps you will not worry now I've topped from my throne

for I am lowly without you, nothing more than a doll behind glass

I pushed through so that I could save you, and now I've saved us all at last.

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