I don't fit the face

my image can't trace

as the catwalk, divine

will never be mine

as I look down at layers

and avoid the girl's stares

as I walk briskly on

pretending nothing is wrong

I don't fit the image

not with this body I'm stuck with

never pretty or elegant

more like something that's hellsent

as they won't take my looks

and put them in picture books

they'd rather tear out the pages

in their diva queen rages

I don't fit with the scene

I'm too round, not lean

with a bust meant for display

but one that won't make their men stray

as I'm just another plain Jane

they don't have to worry about my name

I'll fade into the background

with little to no sound

I don't fit in with this life

I'm meant for distress and long strife

as I struggle to realise

that the mirror tells no lies

I'm not slender nor gorgeous

I'm just a female best left

somewhere that's not in sight

because I can't steal their limelight.

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