Dark Angel

Dare you sleep, princess, dare you look into that world?

A maiden so fair and delicate, she shall not be unfurled

for curled up on her bed, precious teardrops in her eyes

her pure white cheeks dyed red, like the stormy night skies

the lightning cracks the glass and spills throughout the room

the silver color spreads and illuminates the gloom

and upon the floor, the papers strewn, tossed up in heavy wind

and to her coffin-like bed, she would find herself tightly pinned

crying out in pain, not to be unleashed just yet

rest your head, dear child, now is time to forget

just a little longer, and your pain will have fled

but for now, broken angel, live with all your dread

bear the sins of hatred and the curses they have spoken

for all will have vanished when you're finally awoken

scriptures burn to cinders, the ash will line the floor

and in that darkened room, the pain she must endure

for her night is filled with nightmares, bitter dreams of sin

she dreads all that is out there, she dreads all that's within

so torn between the living and the dead, she will divide

in a constant limbo, lacking somewhere safe to hide

she is the darkened angel, all her punishment is paid

when in death she is released, when in the ground she's laid

scatter flowers on her coffin, watch the winds lift feathers high

for she will still be watching, within that stormy sky

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