My Christmas Wish

Toss another log upon the raging fire

watch the smoke spiral, and the flames grow oh so higher

as the heat warms my skin, from my head to my toes

as I watch out the window at the sky, as it snows

a display of white, a dance from which I hide

with a blanket 'round my shoulders, cozy warm inside

darkness all around, yet for the glaring fire light

and a single dying candle upon this winters night

yet I am not alone, nay not I, in this empty room

for I am still waiting, and I know prayers will be answered soon

for once the dawn awakes and the snow lay pure and still

I'll journey to meet him, if it is his will

in a horse drawn carriage, wrapped up with scarf and muff

cradling his present in hopes it is enough

to bring him back to me, on that winters day

and once again we'll smile, within the sunlight gay

as the snow slowly melts, glistening at our feet

as we kiss under the burning lamp on that cobbled street

but for now I can but dream, upon the living room floor

that tomorrow will not end, or I will not ask for more

as it is my one wish, my one Christmas gift I ask

can you do for me this? This one little task?

To bring my love to me, to cherish once and forever,

because I'm incomplete, unless we are together.

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