You vanished then, when the light hit the floor

spilled out from behind the curtains drawn

along the wall, and across the room

bringing life to my face, where once there was gloom

You vanished then, when we walked out in the morn

when the sun, upon rising, let a new day be born

I walked on, lonely, but unwilling to mourn

basked in the suns glow, untouched and untorn

You vanished then, in the faint candle light

that filled up that space on that echoing night

a tear in my eye glistened, I'll not give up the fight

I'll keep on searching shadows, until I feel right

You vanished then, the day I was free

when I took my wings, and became all of me

and I still feel you watching, I know you can see

Still be my shadow, please hear my plea

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