Give me my body

My Mirror Image

They say the camera adds a few (hundred) pounds

look in from the side, I'm still looking straight down

no matter which direction, I can't see the real me

I'm hidden by layers which just won't let me free

can't lose it, can't kill it, can't just run away

in every reflection, I see myself sway

not sassy, not happy, not even just pleased

Images of pretty girls leave me so teased

Appalled, disgusted, alone in my hate

they don't see what I see, I see my fate

to live long and divided in what leaves me sad

with thoughts and longing of dreams I can't have

They say that with time, the puppy fat fades

How long will it take? Years or decades?

Just give me the body which I can deal with

finally then (perhaps) I can live.

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