The Life of a Poet?

Glitter, fade,

you make my day,

You nag at me


"let me free"

Let me tell you

that when I'm through

you'll wish you were never born

No breath escape from your form

no utter, cry, or childish wail

just another chance to try and fail

as I sit here, grasping at what I can

just to give you what you demand

Why do you haunt me, bitter words?

Remain unseen, go unheard

flitter once, then go away

upon another page to stay

a page in my blunt history

cut a little short

for all to see

What then of words that I have wrote

when sitting on Heavens boat?

I fade, like you

now through

with this embrace

this purposeless chase

The life of a poet?

I hardly know it.

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