A New Me


I tire

'twas not my desire

to delve so deeply

into something, completely

unlike my role

and out of my control

no judgement

no passion

I cannot fashion

a destiny shining

(my undermining

of my own belief

leaves nothing but grief).

I forfeit

I've battled

long since been rattled

by dreams left forgotten

smouldered and rotten

out on fields of pleasure

marked without measure

I cannot withstand

the power of the hand

that whips me and beats me

knows how to mistreat me

I rest

I step back

viewing all that I lack

(looking to the future

for something to nurture.)

I call off this tirade

my part I have played

and I'll allow life to move on

until I can stand strong

no longer bound with uncertainty

new birth

a new me.

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