Sink The Ship

Oh captain, my captain, as your boat sinks in vain

you upon your crows nest high upon your mast

will you raise your head high, the heavens you blame?

or will you jump from your pedestal, into waves cast?

You stand strong, full of hope, when the sea crashes hard

as your people bail out by whatever means

you refuse to give in, in this show of which you've starred

as the leader of all, the maker of their dreams

but as all washes away, plank by pank, don't you ponder

that perhaps all your sailing has been for naught?

When all your men leap, doesn't it cause you to wonder

that this trip was for nothing, not a single fish caught?

For, one by one, you're left stranded and alone

on the top of your ship, half of which below water lays

each of your men struggle forth, onto home

when you ponder the worth of each of your days

they've weighed down your ship with the bounty of pleas

for just some more respect, of that they demand

and without a single thought, you cast them to their knees

they can't want, they don't need, lest they be damned!

Give up your crusade, as your knees beneath the sea

clinging tight to the mast of your once mighty ship

for it's not to late to help others, break free!

or sink with your vessel, and all the hate in it

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