My endless closet

Sometimes I wonder what joy I get

from buying things I'll never wear

One look, one glance, my heart is set

Cannot bear to leave it there

Not in the window, or in the store

no longer homeless, no longer tagged

Just hung up, with plenty more

some folded up, some still bagged

I swear, I should let some go

my mother thinks I have too much

but I just can't attempt to throw

these things that have had my touch

the coats I've hung upon the peg

the skirts I've hung upon the rail

the jeans I've torn upon the leg

I try to toss them, but I fail

So I stand and look at my reflection

try some on, then put them away

they could do with my affection

but for now, hidden they stay

The clothes I bought, the clothes I did borrow

the clothes I promised to give a good life

Maybe I'll wear them, perhaps tomorrow

or maybe I'll do what's finally right.

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