Of Curse Words

Blast, says I, to all those who curse

in their poetry, blasphemy! (verse after verse)

of bitter tongues, black, or perhaps they were green

of envy and angst, the likes of which I've seen

in every cliche poem spread out my way

the overuse of 'bad words' flung out in play

Of curse words and swearing, so easily said

better left to the dramas on TV instead

no maturity shown in those idle words written

of love and lust, girls overly smitten

by men who treat them 'shit', as they like to confirm

so they'll brag about badness (when will these girls learn?)

I'll sit here and ponder, with my silver tongue

of all the swear words I've spoken, the hate I have spun

and wonder to myself of words I bear to say

'Oh crumbs', 'fiddlesticks' - fuck them, I'll play.

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