My mistake to make.

I look to the future, head high and eyes bright

He pulls me back down, eager for the fight

Bitter words, spilled, across the page

we could continue forever, battle for an age

For I am unmoving, I will not give in

I won't admit fault, I've comitted no sin

Still he'll beat me with words, tearing me down

My smile is fading, I'll bring out my frown

Freshly painted upon my angered face

he too feels the pain, and sets about his race

Go for your 'walk', wash away your doubt

While you leave me here to figure it out

You warn me of failure, of the possible mistake,

but my friend, let me go, that's MY choice to make

I'll step forward into uncertainty to just see it through

and I can do this, with or without you

So allow me my time, because only time will tell

another ride, another journey on lifes carosel

And I'll chase the horses, I'll enjoy the ride

I'll take my chances, I won't run and hide

The pain may come forth, but this truth still hangs high -

I love him. And he loves I.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Ross.

Marriage isn't something I've decided on a whim. If I don't do this, I'll never know what would happen and I'd kick myself forever.

If it ends for the worse, I'll have learnt from it.

That's life.

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