Shape Me.

Mould me

Bend me

Push the boundaries out

I know who I am

but it's not who you need

Don't say, Don't do, Don't be

I won't be

You don't need to worry about me

I'll conform to your wishes

Cater to your whim

End at the beginning

if you so desire

I'll keep running no matter how tired

Bind me

Keep me

You won't ever complete me

because you can't understand

and you refuse to listen

please don't, please don't

I haven't

I won't

Not ever again

For I know my place

You don't realise the pressure

You're sorry for pain

Yet you don't give in

Whip me


I dislike the silence

I can't stand the pain

but here we are

I'm nothing in the end

Shape me

my friend

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