Sometimes I see this world

as a void I must pass through

This vessel empty of thought and love

but full of passion true

These roads are dark and winding

but these vacant eyes still see

The world in which I'm passing through

(the smallest part of me)

My soul and spirit are too complex

for this place to understand

The solitude of my very life

is like silence holding my hand

Sometimes this void overbears

the pain running too deep

My aching heart and mind obey

push me deeper into sleep

These choices are too hard for me

I don't know which to take

The voices of a thousand mouths

chaos in my mind, they make

And though this void empties me out

turns me upside down

I'd rather be here until the day

True Paradise can be found

A prison of my own making

the bars set with hard steel

I'll await my freedom patiently

I have much time to kill

For once the screams have ended

and once the darkness gone

I can take my fears and emptiness

and finally move on.

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