To bring such doubt, uncertainty

a deadly sting from a simple bee

set up the wires, ignite the fuse

which road to take, you should choose

You've made your route, met your queen

wrote your bible, but you're none too keen

Tanned by the sun, who smites you down

into dank sewers where you will drown

as you write your words for all to share

gain the knowledge lurking there

from a single grain, a mighty oak

another gem in the words you spoke

You've been freed from sorrows grasp

but scars you wear as you linger in the past

and I'll wait on, upon this throne

that you made you splinter when you cut the stone

the seat you made me when we met

all your fears you'd soon forget

yet faced with life in happiness

you throw it all away without much stress

can I urge you to take it all back in?

To live with me and that love within?

I can't promise you things that I don't own

but I'll give you the fruits of the seed you've sown

I'll give you the love that I have to bear

and aid you through trials as your maiden fair

for as your equal, and partner in heart

I shall be there 'wherever thou art'.

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